by on December 10, 2017

PROUD & HUGE manufacturer

STECO is a distinctive gulf company highly specialized in designing and producing shades, from huge ones to average umbrellas, for all outdoor and even indoor applications such as Parking lots, big squares, parks and play grounds, swimming pools, etc.

We are proud to have a witty team of product designers, graphic designers, engineers, metal and material specialists, all together are able to turn your projects & ideas on paper into reality with huge spice and creativity.

Thanks to our national Saudi team! We believe that our creativity and good taste can “make the difference”. It’s our pride both, you and us. That’s why, to have a blend of our Saudi touch in term of shades and umbrellas, then please step into our huge world and begin your journey with us.

STECO offer perfect solutions when it comes to sun shading. The gulf Arab countries one of the largest countries that have the maximum exposure to the Sun with excessive heat throughout the year.

This is why, STECO teams worked extensively to offer the right solution for all of us. We, at our manufacturing facilities have shades with solutions from A to Z. We guarantee your comfort and protection with sun shades to:

  • Filter the harmful UV rays.
  • Reduce the heat.
  • Hold the sun rays from directly striking you, your window, furniture, car, etc.
  • Reduce cooling costs by shading spaces around your place.
  • Reduce Heat Transfer from place to another.
  • Protect the parks, grounds, squares, parking lots, etc., from sun glares.

STECO don’t only offer you Sun Free Spaces; it offers you protection as well!

We at STECO, have the specialty of making the perfect sun shade as per your requirement. We design them to cover any space in any place, no matter how small or big, regular or irregular, we can make the right size for the right space. These shades are custom made to fit the measurements of your project so they fit properly and work as much good with perfect touch. Take a look at our gallery. Like you can see, you name it, we make it.